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Shaolinmind is a company project on/of

B.CCC LLC – – B.Creative Con/sin sulting Company

B.CCC LLC (in development process) is in active Fund-Search for Founding in Wyoming Style and is searching for US-based partners for grounding and a touch-base in the US & markets.

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B.CCC LLC´s Websites & Digital Property Vanity are under construction and in development: B.CCC LLC – B.Creative Con sulting Company

AUDIO-R&D LABEL 4 data-analytical market-insights & art.

HOL.Finance – Gaming & Scenario Development & Tactical Creatives – Psychology & Occult & Discrete Warfare, Business & Political Campaigning

DomainValue Markets – Digital Property Value Twitter-Channel

VP-LP-Twitter – Very Personal Libertarian Party Twitter 4 CLV-LP US & Polypolar / Global Membership Package Programs with Education, Buy- & Travel-Programs, Medicare, Pention Plans, Jobs & LP Business Development 4 QM Poly-Tics 2/4 Accounts & Key-Accounts.

Hebrew Offence League Twitter – Goj Perspectives on/of 2/4 Holocaust Industry & Investments in Rap-Musik, Settlements in Patagonia & Forming Goj Legion in Roman Manner.